Other Resources

Other Resources

Visit the Envision Learning Partners Blog for more resources and below are other performance assessment tools including Massive Open Online Course materials, Building Educator Assessment Literacy Professional Development Materials, and other recommended Performance Task Banks.

Performance Assessment
Massive Open Online Courses

SCALE has offered Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) focused on teaching educators how to design performance tasks and to implement the performance tasks in their classrooms. We have made some of the previous course materials and two of the videos in the courses available here. If you are interested in working with us to provide these MOOC courses to educators, please contact us.

Building Educator Assessment Literacy
Professional Development Materials

The Building Educator Assessment Literacy project is a partnership between SCALE and WestEd supported by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Bechtel Foundation, and the Stuart Foundation. The BEAL professional development modules are designed to support educators in learning from student work on performance tasks. The BEAL modules provide a structure for educators to analyze and score student responses to English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics performance tasks from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Practice Test, reflect on the design and purpose of performance tasks in summative and formative contexts, and experience collaborative analysis of student work on performance tasks as a process for informing instructional practice.
The BEAL materials include content-specific modules on unpacking, aligning and scoring ELA and Math performance tasks, as well as adapting ELA and Math performance tasks for curriculum-embedded use in a formative assessment process. The BEAL materials also include several cross-content modules on assessment literacy and on analyzing summative assessment data (specifically focused on evidence-centered design, interpreting Smarter Balanced score reports, and appropriate uses of summative assessment data). Summative assessment data content has been adapted from content originally developed by WestEd for the California Department of Education. 

The primary BEAL modules for ELA and Mathematics are combined into single files for each content area:

The modules focused on analyzing summative assessment data are combined into two separate files, and are designed for inclusion as a final session in the BEAL professional development for both Math and ELA audiences, as well as for administrators and others.

The BEAL modules can be stitched together or broken apart to fit a variety of timeframes. For example, each session could be delivered independently, with sessions ranging from 1-3 hours each, or the modules can be combined into a 2-day design or extended even longer by repeating any of the modules within Session 2 with tasks from additional grade levels. Materials for incorporating additional tasks into these modules are available on the Understanding Proficiency website. There you can find one task per grade level for each tested grade (grades 3-8 and high school), which you can use to expand the BEAL resources provided here. For each task, the materials available on Understanding Proficiency include the scoring tools, student work samples, scores on the student work samples, and annotations for the scores.  

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