UL-SCALE and SCOPE offer direct support in task design, implementation, scoring, and more, as well as guidance on developing policy frameworks and systems of assessment incorporating performance assessment.

Performance Task Development

UL-SCALE uses a customized approach to work with schools, districts, states, and Institutes of Higher Education to develop and support the implementation of performance assessment tasks. Through training, teachers improve instruction and learning through the design and development of innovative, educative, state-of-the-art performance assessments and build the capacity of schools to use these assessments in thoughtful ways, to promote student, teacher, and organizational learning. Professional development experiences can be on-going, in-person, virtual, or a combination of these options.

Scoring Training

UL-SCALE offers professional learning experiences designed to improved educators’ ability to reliably score performance tasks. Trainings provide guidance on how to calibrate scoring, evaluate student work, and how to use feedback to improve instructional practices and the assessments themselves.

Massive Open Online Course

UL-SCALE has developed a wide range of massive online open courses (MOOC) focused on teaching educators how to design performance tasks and better understand language in their classrooms. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting future iterations of these courses.

Peer/Expert Review of Performance Tasks

Performance task reviews through the resource submissions on PARB were provided in the past but have been discontinued. For information on reviewing or receiving feedback on a large number of tasks, please contact us below.

Policy, Research, and Capacity Development

SCOPE is available to work directly with state and local leaders interested in integrating performance assessment into their systems of assessments by supporting policy development or creating policy tools to support these efforts. These tools and support could include providing context-specific pathways for scaling the use of performance assessment, guidance on essential policy challenges, or opportunities to engage in collaborative learning with state and local leaders and experts in performance assessment. In addition, SCOPE can provide models for developing professional capacity for using performance assessment tailored to the local context. SCOPE can also offer research, evaluation, and documentation of state and local initiatives.

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