Scoring Performance Tasks
Center for Collaborative Education (CCE)
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The purpose of this resource is to explore rubric creation and scoring to better understand rubric use in schools and classrooms.  By examining "cookie quality," educators can practice utilizing a rubric and following an inquiry-based template.

English Language Arts
Educational Testing Service (ETS)
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Current educational standards call for students to engage in the skills of research and inquiry, with a focus on gathering evidence from multiple information sources, evaluating the credibility of those sources, and writing an integrated synthesis that cites evidence from those sources....

Curriculum Embedded Task
Envision Schools
Erin Brandvold
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History / Social Studies
World History
High (9-12)

Students conduct research about the World War II, use the research to answer a research question with a strong argument, and then explain their findings in a 5-paragraph Historical Research/Inquiry essay.

Students then apply their understanding of the events in WWII and the Holocaust and...