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Maine Education Policy Research Institute
Erika K. Stump
David L. Silvernail
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This paper by Stump and Silvernail examines the early implementation process of proficiency-based education standards in the state of Maine. All schools are expected to establish a proficiency-based diploma system by 2018. Using a two-phase, qualitative approach, findings suggest that benefits ...

Curriculum Embedded Task
Maine Guiding Principles Performance Assessment Development Initiative
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History / Social Studies
World History
High (9-12)

How can the movement of goods, people, and ideas affect societies over time?

Students will create an historical documentary movie that characterizes the effects of the Columbian Exchange on the history and culture of a particular Latin American country over time. Students will...

Maine Department of Education
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Beginning January 1, 2017, a diploma indicating graduation from a Maine secondary school must be based on student demonstration of proficiency.

In order to receive a diploma, a student must:

  • have been engaged in educational experiences relating to English language arts,
  • ...