Blood Disorders

Curriculum Embedded Task
Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)
Ashley J. Allen
Cory Duty
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9, 10, 11, 12
High (9-12)

This module is a study of the blood and circulatory system with a focus on disorders of the blood and treatments of these disorders. Students will use content studied during the cardiovascular system unit and their readings from primary and secondary sources about blood disorders to write a...

Sample Units & Modules
Asia Society
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In this Ap Chemistry curriculum module, students will learn how and when a disease becomes an epidemic and a pandemic. They will examine how people from different cultures around the world have dealt with diseases through the ages. Specifically, students will investigate plant, animal and human...

Curriculum Embedded Task
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7, 8
Middle (6-8)

In this task, students will use their understanding of how natural selection leads to the predominance of certain traits in a population and the suppression of others to explain the frequencies of traits in a bacterial population and to consider the impact an antibiotic has on a bacterial...