solar energy

Curriculum Embedded Task
Generation Texas San Antonio (GenTX SA), Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC)
Tracy Anderson
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Algebra 1
8, 9
Middle (6-8)
High (9-12)

In this task, students will write an estimate for a potential client who is interested in installing solar energy panels. They will provide figures on the initial purchase of the solar energy panels along with the charge per kilowatt-hour. They also will estimate when the potential client will...

Complex Project
Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE)
Susan E. Schultz
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Environmental Science
9, 10, 11, 12
High (9-12)

For this task, students will work in teams to examine a specific type of renewable energy source. Student groups will research one renewable energy resource (such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, hydrogen fuel, nuclear power, and hydroelectric power) and determine the...