authentic student learning

Performance Assessment & 21st Century Learning
Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE)
Linda Darling-Hammond
Laura Wentworth
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This paper is one of eight written through a Stanford University project aimed at summarizing research and lessons learned regarding the development, implementation, consequences, and costs of performance assessments.  This particular resource examines why the use of test-based accountability to...

State Accountability
Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE)
Ruth Chung Wei
Susan E. Schultz
Raymond L. Pecheone
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With the goal of re-envisioning the state’s assessment and accountability system to support improvements in the rigor and quality of curriculum and instruction, to help students prepare for college, and to signal college readiness and careers, Ohio developed an assessment and standardized ...

Planning Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction
Center for Collaborative Education (CCE)
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The purpose of the Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) Framework is to provide guidance to teachers and adminis-
trators on how to design a performance assessment system.